The Business of Fishing: handouts

Sample Invoice [pdf: 15kb]

Fishing Family Expense Tracking System [pdf: 712kb]

Sample Balance Sheet [pdf: 16kb]

Sample Income Statement [pdf: 15kb]

Sample Cash Flow Statements - Direct [pdf: 16kb] Indirect [pdf: 16kb]

Analyzing your Financial Ratios [pdf:110kb]

Tax Forms: Schedule C [pdf: 274kb], Forms 1065 [pdf: 487kb], 1120 [pdf: 566kb] , 1099 [pdf:62kb]

Tax Tips: 416 [pdf: 23kb]

Let's Buy a Boat [ pdf: 32kb]

FishBiz Software - financial spreadsheets [link to FishBiz webpage]

Capital Construction Fund - Program Description and Fishing Information Newsletters [pdf: 76kb]

Loan Information Table [pdf: 25kb]

Interest Growth Tables

Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business and 101 for Retirement Guides [pdf: 300kb]

Direct Marketing Manual [link to Bookstore]

NMFS Seafood Value Added Sheet

Alaska Salmon Quality Handbook [link to Bookstore]

Bacteria Handout [pdf: 33kb] and Freezing for Small Vessels Presentation [pdf: 1.91mb]

Maintenance Tips [pdf: 34kb]

Federal Requirements for Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels

Department of Labor's Crew and Processing Workers Frequently Asked Questions [pdf: 698kb]

Sample Crew Contract [pdf: 17kb]

Vessel Insurance Article

Fishermen's Fund Description and Claim Form [pdf: 85kb] [pdf: 93kb]