ABUS 193 Seafood Direct Marketing

March 9–April 13, 2007, Dillingham
Instructors: Charlie Sparks & Liz Brown

This one-credit course will provide information on direct marketing of Alaska seafood products. The focus will be on Bristol Bay Fisheries, but information and techniques apply equally to any quality seafood product. Students interested in attending the Boston International Seafood Show are required to take this course. Located in Dillingham. Tuition is $122.

Earn another college credit by attending the Boston International Seafood Show, March 10–13. Make industry connections, learn about new seafood products, understand firsthand who and what competes against Alaska seafood products. Tuition is $122, Boston trip is $2,200.

Space is limited. Limited funding may be available. Registration deadline is Friday, February 16, 2007.

Contact the Bristol Bay Campus, 842-5109 or 800-478-5109.