Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit

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Designing Limited Entry Programs—Alternative Approaches to Balancing Benefits Among Harvesters, Processors and Communities in the North Pacific Fisheries [716 KB]

Chris Oliver, Mark Fina, and Stephanie Madsen, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Federal Fisheries Regulatory System [412 KB]

Sue Salveson, NMFS Sustainable Fisheries Division

High Seafood Prices in 2007: Will They Last? [1.1 KB]

John Sackton,

Limited Entry in Alaska's Commercial Fisheries [452 KB]

Frank Homan, Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

Quality from the Keel Up [304 KB]

Greg Fisk, SeaFisk Consulting

Risk, Tolerance and Perception [1.3 MB]

Jerry Dzugan, AMSEA

Some Thoughts on Fishery Management in Alaska [1.02 MB]

Phil Smith, NOAA Alaska Region - retired

What Your Lender Needs to Know [200 KB]

Lea Klingert, Commercial Fisheries and Agricultural Bank

You Can Change the Future [1.4 MB]

Eric Jordan, Commercial Fisherman