The Selendang Ayu and the Future of Shipping Safety - Public Forum

29 March 2005
Anchorage - Wilda Marston Theater, Loussac Library

The Forum will consist of two parts:

1. Selendang Ayu Incident - the State of Alask and US Coast Guard will present an overview of what has transpired to date, and what is planned this spring/summer regarding this particular incident.

2. Future of Shipping Safety - panel discussion of potential measures to reduce the risk/improve the safety of merchang shipping through the Aleutians/ southern Bering Sea - State of Alaska, Coast Guard, and others.

The Forum will be just that - an opportunity to listen and learn, as well as to comment, question, and discuss solutions. Thus, we envision a substantial audience question/comment period. So, this will be a good opportunity to learn more about the Selendang Ayu incident, and importantly to discuss ways to enhance the safety of shipping in this region, and hopefully prevent and/or better respond to such diasters in the future.


Open to the public - free of charge.

Contact: Rick Steiner - 786-4156

Shelley Johnson, Alaska Oceans Program - 929-9375




U.S. Coast Guard (Power Point)

International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners (Intercargo) (Power Point)

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (power point : 5.14MB) (pdf: 3.65MB)