Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers and Fishermen (TAA)
Southeast Alaska Shrimp

TAA Overview

TAA for farmers provides free technical assistance and cash benefits to producers of agricultural commodities and to fishermen who have been adversely affected by import competition

If the prices or production for a commodity have declined, a commodity organization can bring new resources to producers by applying for TAA.

More information on Trade Adjustment Assistance can be found on the TAA for Farmers website.

Presentations for Alaska Shrimp

The Coldwater Shrimp Industry - Southeast Alaska Shrimp- [pdf; 796kb]
Greg Fisk - Sea Fisk Consulting & Management

Technology Tweaks & Quality Controls for Alaska Shrimpers - [pdf; 616kb]
Greg Fisk - Sea Fisk Consulting & Management

Fishery Management - Industry Organizations - Southeast Alaska Shrimp - [pdf; 328kb]
Greg Fisk - Sea Fisk Consulting & Management

Direct Marketing for Southeast Alaska Shrimpers - [pdf; 500kb]
Greg Fisk - Sea Fisk Consulting & Management

Other Information

Business Plan Writer - In partnership with the University of Minnesota, the Marine Advisory Program participated in the development of AgPlan, an online business plan writer for fishing and agriculture operations. This site lets you prepare, edit, save, print, and share a tailored fisheries business plan.

More Fishing Business information is available on our FishBiz web page.

For More Information

Sunny Rice, Marine Advisory Program Agent, Petersburg, Alaska,

Greg Fisk, SeaFisk Consulting and Management,