Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers and Fishermen (TAA)
Alaska Resident Salmon Fishermen Technical Assistance Program

The deadline for receiving technical assistance training has passed. All Alaska regional TAA workshops and audio conferences have been completed.

What is the Technical Assistance Program?

By law, in order to complete a TAA application for salmon fishing income assistance, applicants were required to meet with an extension agent to receive a TAA technical assistance package. Since 2003, more than 4,800 salmon fishermen who have signed up for TAA have taken this training.

Training workshops for 2005 applicants were completed June 15, 2005.

Contact the Alaska Farm Service Agency at 866-872-3320 with payment or eligibility questions.

United Fishermen of Alaska is coordinating an Alaska Salmon TAA petition for 2006. Contact UFA for updates at their website,, or call 907-586-2820.

More about MAP and TAA

TAA is a federal program designed to aid industries and producers negatively impacted by foreign import competition. MAP provides TAA applicants with resources to better their fishing business competitiveness, information on business loan and marketing grants, as well as information on training and education benefits current available under TAA and other programs.

TAA for Southeast Alaska Shrimp

Downloadable version of the TAA workshop study guide

Business Tools and Resources for Alaska Salmon Harvesters: Assisting Fishermen to Adust to Import Competition. USDA Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program 2004 Technical Assistance Study Guide. This workbook was used as a study guide for the spring 2005 TAA workshops.