Seafood Technician Training Course Listings


  1. HACCP Basic Course (20 hours)
    1. The basic HACCP course for all seafood processors


  1. HACCP Encore Course (4 hours)
    1. An advanced HACCP course for those involved in production of ready-to-eat products


  1. Food Plant Sanitation Course (6 hours)
    1. Covers processing plant sanitation and personal hygiene with emphasis on the eight required sanitation records.


  1. Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Seafood Processing Plants (10 hours)
    1. Importance of quality control and how to implement an effective system.


  1. Secondary Processing Operations (40 hours)
    1. Lectures and demonstrations on fish handling, dressing, brining, smoking, canning and packaging.


  1. Refrigerations Options and Troubleshooting (16 hours)
    1. Basic refrigeration including emergency repairs.


  1. Business Management for Seafood Processing Operations (8 hours)
    1. Business plans, loans, taxes, cost benefit analysis


  1. Seafood Processing Regulations (4 hours)
    1. FDA, DEC and EPA regulations and inspections


  1. Seafood Packing and Shipping (4 hours)
    1. Protecting seafood quality during packing and shipping


  1. Seafood Supply and Marketing (8 hours)
    1. Supply and market outlook for salmon, herring, and halibut