Seafood Processing and Technology

processing seafood Technicians prepare salmon roe for caviar.

The Alaska seafood industry is the largest private employer in the state. The industry processes 5 billion pounds of fish and shellfish annually, more than 55% of the total U.S. catch. Over 300 large and small firms produce cod fillets, surimi, halibut steaks, and fillet, freeze, can or smoke salmon. Some are multimillion-dollar operations using state-of-the-art filleting and freezing equipment. Others are mom-and-pop operations producing high-quality specialty products for niche markets. All seafood processors face the challenges of competing in a rapidly changing global food industry.

The seafood technologists at the Marine Advisory Program are a resource to Alaska fishermen and processors in improving the quality, safety and value of their products.  MAP assists the Alaska seafood industry through training, consultations and research-based information.


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