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Recent Issues

Tips for Direct Marketers: The Onboard DEC Inspection

Author: Torie Baker
Pub. no.: ASG-45
Year: 2006
No. pages: 6
Price: Single copies free, multiple copies $0.30 US each

Common Mistakes in HACCP

Author: Liz Brown
No. pages: 1 each
Price: Single copies free

Hot Smoked Salmon - ASG-44

Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure - ASG-43

Government Agencies - ASG-42

Products for Export Only - ASG-41

Cooked Crab - ASG-40

Groundfish - ASG-39

Hazard Analysis - ASG-38

Past Issues

Finding a Seasonal Job on Alaska's Waters ASG-37
What you Need to Know about Recreational Boat Insurance ASG-36
Buying Insurance for Your Charterboat ASG-35
Fishing Vessel Insurance – How Much is Enough ASG-34
Understanding Salmon Markets ASG-33
Trading Up, Saving Taxes ASG-32
Family Boating: Preparing for the Emergency ASG-31
Seafood Shelf Life as a Function of Temperature ASG-30