Gulf Apex Predator-Prey Project
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks • School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences • Kodiak, Alaska

Steller Sea Lions

aerial photo of sea lionsAdequate assessment of the potential for competition between Steller sea lions and commercial fisheries requires knowledge of the degree to which their seasonal use of prey and critical habitat overlap. We conduct systematic aerial surveys and scat collections in the Kodiak area to determine prey species consumed by Steller sea lions, and monitor seasonal use of haulouts and other components of designated Steller sea lion critical habitat. Our work is closely integrated and coordinated with National Marine Fisheries Service studies of age-specific foraging ecology of Steller sea lions in the Kodiak area.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all Steller sea lion photographs on this website were taken by GAP personnel under NMFS scientific research permit #782-1532.