Gulf Apex Predator-Prey Project
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks • School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences • Kodiak, Alaska

GAP Metadata: Marine Mammals

Cetacean sightings during aerial surveys: Kodiak archipelago 1999–2010

Summer distribution and habitat characteristics of fin whales and humpback whales off northeast Kodiak Island, Alaska

Foraging behavior of fin and humpback whales around Kodiak Island, Alaska

Feeding and seasonality of gray whales in Ugak Bay; Kodiak Island, Alaska, 2008–2011

Dive behavior of harbor seals within Steller sea lion critical habitat on the east side of Kodiak Island, Alaska

Abundance and feeding ecology of humpback whales, 2001–2002

Modeling the diet of humpback whales: an approach using stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes in a Bayesian mixing model, Kodiak, Alaska, 2004–2006

Relative abundance of prey species in harbor seal and Steller sea lion scats around the Kodiak archipelago: 1999–2007

Seasonal prey use and partitioning of sympatric marine mammals in a Kodiak embayment, 2007–2008

Avoiding and responding to humpback whale bycatch in coastal Alaskan fisheries: a cooperative approach, Phase I, 2009