Alaska Resource Issues Forum

Public television series

A series of television debates that aired on the Alaska Public Television Network. Available to policy makers, university faculty and the public on request. This series brought together for discussion the principle spokespersons on contemporary resource issues in Alaska. The debates were moderated by Rick Steiner, former UAF professor and MAP conservation specialist.

Foreign Interception of Alaska Salmon — 1986, 1/2 hour — The interception of salmon by the Japanese on the high sea.

Americanization — 1986, 1 hour — How the commercial groundfish industry is changing within the two hundred-mile zone.

Mining and the Environment — 1986, 1/2 hour — The environmental effects of mining in Alaska.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — 1987, 1 hour — Whether or not ANWR should be open to oil exploration and possible development.

Logging in Alaska — 1987, 1 hour — Forest management, focusing on the Tongass, in Southeast Alaska.

Marine Mammal Management — 1987, 1 hour — How and who should manage the marine mammal program in Alaska.

Salmon Farming: Boom or Bust — 1988, 1 hour — A forum between scientists, homeowners, mariculturists, politicians and fishermen over the benefits and disadvantages of salmon farms.

The Subsistence Crisis — 1992, 1 hour — A round-table discussion with four representatives of various viewpoints regarding management of subsistence hunting and fishing currently regulated by the federal government.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Wilderness or Oil Reserve? — 1995, 1 hour — A discussion by the leading proponents and opponents of oil drilling on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Alaska's Subsistence Dilemma — 1996, 1 hour — A one-hour discussion by the leading spokespeople for the various positions on how to resolve the subsistence issue.

Alaska's Salmon Marketing Crisis — 1996, 1 hour — A discussion by the leading experts on Alaska's salmon industry concerning the 1996 market situation. Participants include the major processors, legislators, and other fishing industry representatives.

The Wolf Initiative: Ballot Measure No. 3 — 1996, 1 hour — Discusses a ban on same-day airborne hunting or trapping of wolf, wolverine, fox, lynx except when conducted by the state to avert a biological emergency.

Trouble in the Bering Sea — 1996, 1 hour — Discussion by fishing industry representatives, environmentalists, scientists, local residents, and fishery managers concerning the possible causes and significance of the decline of certain marine mammal, bird, and fish populations in the Bering Sea and what can or should be done.

Native Sovereignty in Alaska — 1997, 1 hour — A discussion of the sovereignty, or Indian Country, issue in Alaska by the leading proponents and opponents. This will be the first debate of this historic issue between Alaska Native leaders, the Knowles Administration and others.

The Future of the Tongass — 1997, 1 hour — A discussion of the new plan to manage our nation's oldest and largest national forest--the Tongass. Some say proposed logging levels are too high to protect fish, wildlife and scenery. Others say logging levels are too low to sustain the region's timber industry.

Salmon Preview '98 — 1998, 1 hour — A discussion of the upcoming salmon season in Alaska, projected run sizes, market characteristics, etc.

Alaska's Inshore/Offshore Tug of War — 1998, 1 hour — A discussion of the upcoming June decision by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council on how to divide one of the largest fisheries in the world, Alaska's two-million-ton bottom-fish harvest, between factory trawlers and boats delivering to onshore processors.

The Future of Oil in America's Arctic — 1999, 1 hour — A discussion of the oil industry on Alaska's North Slope, both onshore and offshore. Participants debate the environmental, social, and economic aspects of existing oil operations and the proposals for additional leasing.

Ballot Measure # 1 Debate — 2000, 1/2 hour — The pre-election debate of a ballot initiative that would prohibit voter initiatives regarding wildlife.

Ballot Measure # 6 Debate — 2000, 1/2 hour — The pre-election debate on a ballot initiative that would reinstate the ban on aerial wolf control in Alaska.

Sea Lions, Fishermen and Fish, The Debate — 2001, 1 hour — A debate of the controversy surrounding the government closure of fishing areas in Alaska to protect the Steller Sea Lion.

Global Warming and Alaska — Causes, Impacts, Responses — 2001, 1 hour — A discussion of climate change and warming in Alaska, and what we can expect in the future.

The Future of Alaska's Salmon Industry — 2002, 1 hour — Discussion of changes needed to keep Alaska salmon industry competitive and viable into the future.

Marine Protected Areas in Alaska — 2003, 1 hour — Discussion of federal and state policies on development and management of Marine Protected Areas and "no-take" fishery reserves in Alaska's seas.

Conservation vs. Development: The Alaska Dilemma — 2003, 1 hour — Discussion of both sides of this controversy in Alaska.

Wolf Control in Alaska — 2003, 1 hour — discussion of the aerial wolf control plan for the State of Alaska.