Marine Conservation

Cape St. Elias
Cape St. Elias lies at the southern tip of Kayak Island on the eastern shores of Prince William Sound.

Alaska's economy and lifestyle depends on environmental quality and productive natural resources. Looming on the horizon are short-term and long-term changes in climate, water quality, and coastal development, as well as competing demands on Alaska's natural environment. The difficult individual choices and public policy challenges that accompany these changes require a well-informed public, dedicated research, and enlightened implementation. The Marine Advisory Program encourages creative solutions to the many conservation challenges faced in Alaska in the coming years.

MAP provides information to the public, policy makers, and others regarding many conservation issues, such as endangered species; habitat degradation and protection; marine debris; contaminants; oil spill effects, prevention, and preparedness; sustainable harvests; fisheries bycatch; global warming; invasive species; and others.

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