Climate Change Adaptation Project for Shaktoolik, Alaska

An At-Risk Community

Shaktoolik Adaptation Plan [PDF, 2.5MB]

Shaktoolik road erosion
Road eroding outside Shaktoolik. Villagers remember the road being 30 yards away from the shoreline. Photo by Jon Rosales, St. Lawrence University.

This community-driven project builds on efforts by Shaktoolik and other at-risk, mainly Alaska Native villages on the Bering Sea coast to adapt to potentially devastating effects of climate change. It involved a multi-party approach to assist the community of Shaktoolik to make a decision whether to relocate or stay at the current location. The result is a well-defined process that may be replicated by other at-risk communities in the region. A final report documents lessons learned, adaptation methods for Shaktoolik, potential funding sources, and a step-by-step action plan to implement the community's decision.

plan cover

The primary objective was that Shaktoolik and its partners develop a final adaptation plan [PDF, 2.5MB] that identifies risks and responses to climate change. This adaptation plan will allow Shaktoolik to participate in the Alaska Climate Change Impact Mitigation Program and will be used by the State of Alaska in allocating financial and technical resources to implement the plan. A decision tool [PDF; 60 KB] also was developed to help guide the planning process for defending in place.

Shaktoolik presentationA fall 2014 presentation on the Shaktoolik project [PDF; 3 MB] given by Terry Johnson to the Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management describes the project and progress up to late summer 2014.

For more information or assistance

Contact Terry Johnson, or 907-274-9695.

aerial view of Shaktoolik
Aerial views of the village of Shaktoolik in winter and summer.
fish camp on Koyukuk