Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute

A training program for future leaders in the seafood industry

Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
Kodiak, Alaska
November 13–17, 2017

This class has ended.

Contact: Quentin Fong, • 907-486-1516

Do you have an employee who, with key training, could help lead your business into the future? The Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute (ASPLI) offers an intensive 80 hours of professional development for employees with the potential to move up in your company. The institute is designed for mid-level managers in a seafood plant—production managers, QC supervisors, seafood engineers, human resource, corporate or administrative personnel who are identified by their employer as having leadership potential. Others who might want to participate include direct marketers or small seafood processors or those closely involved in the seafood industry. ASPLI provides the technical training, leadership and management skills needed to understand and succeed in the seafood industry. Over 65 seafood processing leaders from 21 companies in Alaska have participated to date in ASPLI.

The Institute

Fall 2017

Kodiak: November 13–17, 2017
Hands-on technical training in seafood processing and visits with local processors.

  • Fall Agenda - Kodiak (PDF updated 10/25/17)
  • Spring 2018

    Anchorage: March 5–9, 2018
    Leadership training, human resource development, business management, and marketing.

  • Spring Agenda - Anchorage (PDF updated 12/11/17)
  • Boston (optional): spring 2018

    A guided visit to the Seafood Expo North America in Boston and field trips to secondary processors on the East Coast.

    For more information

    Quentin Fong, Seafood Marketing Specialist
    907-486-1516 or email Quentin

    Chris Sannito, Seafood Technology Specialist
    907-486-1535 or email Chris


    This class has ended.