Invitation to Seafood Processors

4th Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute

Do you have an employee who, with key training, could help lead your business into the future?

The Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute (ASPLI) offers an intensive professional development experience for employees with the potential to move up in your company. The employee could be a

ASPLI provides technical training needed in the seafood industry and to master leadership and management skills.

The program

Kodiak session

This unique program begins with a week in Kodiak (October 29–November 6, 2013) at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center (KSMSC), a University of Alaska Fairbanks facility, where participants will learn from seafood faculty and local experts. Topics include

Participants will get hands-on experience in the KSMSC pilot plant, and local seafood plant managers will offer perspectives on the seafood industry and management.

Project work

After the Kodiak session, ASPLI participants will return to their jobs and work with an in-house mentor to identify and complete a project that has an impact on plant operations.

Anchorage session

The final ASPLI session will convene in Anchorage (March 10-14, 2014), for

Experienced seafood leaders, government regulators and management consultants will lead the classes. The goal is to develop confidence, skills, and the big-picture understanding needed by tomorrow’s managers.

International Boston Seafood Show

After the Anchorage session, participants will attend the International Boston Seafood Show (March 16-18, 2014). This is the largest marketing venue for seafood in the U.S., providing an understanding of Alaska’s important role in the global seafood market. At the show, participants will be assigned projects that require them to interact with vendors, seafood buyers, and sellers. After the show, participants will visit New Bedford seafood processors. The Boston trip is not required to receive a certificate of participation in ASPLI; however, the trip is included in the overall cost.

Program cost

The cost of this program is $3,500 per person, which includes airfare from the employee’s Alaska place of work or Alaska home to Kodiak, Anchorage, and Boston; shared lodging; and per diem. The University of Alaska is using vocational training funds to offset the cost of ASPLI, estimated at $9,000. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

How to participate

If you have an employee who would benefit from ASPLI and you wish to be a sponsor, here are the steps to take: The prospective ASPLI participant should fill out and submit an application, available online or as a printable PDF. Applications are due by September 15, 2013. The applicant will be notified of acceptance by September 30, and payment will be due September 30.

If you have questions, please contact