Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute 2011 - Kodiak Classes

October 31 - November 10, 2011

aspli group in kodiak



Update from Kodiak [pdf;1mb]



Rigor Mortis in Fish (Alexandra Oliveira) [pdf; 1.46MB]

Effects of Handling [pdf; 254KB]

Salmon Quality [pdf; 149KB]

Seafood Quality [pdf; 3MB]

Being a Seafood Processing Plant Manager (Chuck Crapo) [pdf;160KB]

HACCP Review [pdf; 945KB]

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Alaska Seafood Processing Plants [pdf; 716kb]

Micoorganisms: The Unseen Players in Seafood Quality and Safety (Brian Himelbloom)[pdf; 3.2mb]

Lecture Notes

Variation in Fish Composition, Cause and Effect (Chuck Crapo) [pdf;67KB]

Minor Components of Seafood (Chuck Crapo) [pdf; 48KB]

Fish/Shellfish as Food (Chuck Crapo) [pdf; 59KB]


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