fish processorAlaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute 2008

A program for future leaders in Alaska's seafood processing industry

The goal of this leadership institute is to train future leaders in the seafood processing industry. The program will begin in February 2008 and include a number of training components until October 2008.

Participants must provide a mentor and a $2,500 sponsor when qualified under STEP. Applicants that apply for ASPLI, but are deemed not eligible for STEP, may still participate with a $1,000 sponsorship, but will be responsible for all travel costs. See the ASPLI application for more details on STEP eligibility.

For further information or to obtain an application and calendar, please contact MAP at (907) 274-9691, fax (907) 277-5242, or email


Funded in part through a grant from

State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development's State Training and Employment Program (STEP)

What people said about ASPLI 2006

"The facilities we saw were top-notch and the seafood show can only be described as immense, but I feel like the most valuable part of the entire program were the participants. I learned so much just by listening to everyone else's experiences and views and from our numerous conversations about products and processes."—Nick Ohmer, Petersburg

"Thanks, too, for the excellent lectures, demonstrations, and for encouraging the hands-on participation in seafood processing at the Tech Center in Kodiak—then, facilitating the plant visits were invaluable experiences for highlighting many of the lessons and seeing them in practice."—Pamela Strickland, Wasilla

"We're so scoped on doing what we've been doing, this was a good way to broaden our horizons, meet other people and see what else is out there."—Middy Johnson, Unalakleet