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Seabird Avoidance for Small Longline Vessels

With funds provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Marine Advisory Program has completed two projects to address the needs of small longline vessels encountering seabirds in Alaskan waters.  Building on work by Ed Melvin of Washington Sea Grant, the first project tested a variety of gear and techniques for deterring seabird attacks on baited longline hooks.  The second effort created streamer lines better suited to the many types of small vessels fishing in our waters.

“Testing an experimental davit and streamer line aboard the F/V Dues Payer II, Kodiak.”


Field Evaluation of Seabird Deterrent Gear and Alternatives for Alaska Small Longline Vessels

Full Report

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Executive Summary

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Design and Distribution of Free Lightweight Streamer Lines for Longline Vessels in Alaska

Full report


Free streamer lines

Free streamer lines to reduce seabird bycatch are available at distribution points throughout Alaska or online through the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (www.psmfc.org/streamers).

Also required is a “seabird avoidance plan.”  You can download the form from the NOAA webpage by clicking here (www.fakr.noaa.gov/protectedresources/seabirds/torilines/form.pdf)

For more information about NOAA Fisheries Seabird Avoidance regulations, visit their Seabird Bycatch Information for Alaska Fishermen site.  (http://www.fakr.noaa.gov/protectedresources/seabirds/guide.htm)



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