15th Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum

“Reuniting through shared science, arts and humanities”

April 5–6, 2023 • SWIM April 3–4
Dillingham, Alaska

Recordings of the presentations are available on the Alaska Sea Grant YouTube Channel. A list of the sessions and presentations are available at the schedule of talks and events.

The 15th annual Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (WAISC) brings together people invested in the ways of life and issues important to rural communities in Western Alaska, including economic, ecological, social, and health. We do this through sharing of observations and scientific research, including from Indigenous and local knowledge.

The Southwest Interagency Meeting (SWIM) will be held April 3–4, in conjunction with WAISC.


Welcome everyone! The Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference (WAISC) is pleased to invite you to the 2023 event, held April 5–6 in Dillingham at the Bristol Bay Campus. As is recent tradition, the Southwest Interagency Meeting (SWIM) will be held on the days prior, April 3–4. Please make travel plans accordingly and book in advance—there is typically only one flight per day to and from Dillingham on those dates.

WAISC 2023 will take place in person. In addition, we are providing videoconference access for attendees that are unable to travel to Dillingham. This arrangement will create an environment that focuses on participant engagement and collaboration, while allowing those who are unable to travel to access to the presentations and participate. It has been wonderful to meet so many colleagues and students face-to-face over this last semester, and we plan to continue the interaction this spring in Bristol Bay.

Session topics

Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts has ended. Abstracts were due March 1.


The registration fee is $100 and includes all the events and meals that are organized by the conference. Space is limited, but you can attend online if you're not able to attend in-person in Dillingham.

If you are a student, or resident of the Bristol Bay region, enter BRISTOLBAY in the registration code box below to have your registration fee waived. The conference lunches are not included if you use the fee waiver, but when you register you'll have the option to select and pay for the provided lunches ($50 total).

If you are attending online, you should select just the online-only registration, $25 (waived for students and Bristol Bay residents entering the code BRISTOLBAY).

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Student scholarships

Interested students can receive financial support and college credit for participating, through ENVI F250, WAISC. Contact Eric Goddard for details. Tuition paid by USDA Drumbeats.

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