Copper River Delta Science Symposium (14th)

Cordova Community Center
Cordova, Alaska
March 27–29, 2018

This conference has ended.

Contact: Torie Baker,

Alaska’s Copper River delta is the largest contiguous wetland on the Pacific Coast of North America and an important region for both fish and wildlife. The delta provides vital salmon habitat, serves as a key shorebird stopover and breeding site, and is the primary nesting area for Dusky Canada Geese.

To better integrate current knowledge and plan future research efforts, the Copper River Delta Science Symposium will focus on the delta as a system, covering topics from hydrology and geomorphology to avian nesting ecology and trophic relationships. This conference will provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary examination of the delta and to identify future research needs to help better manage and conserve this ecologically significant area in the face of climate change and other environmental transformations.

This conference has ended.