Get Your Feet Wet!

Online event
April 1–May 31, 2017

This event has ended.

Contact: Marilyn Sigman, • 907-274-9612

Alaska Sea Grant is inviting teachers and environmental educators to arrange science field trips this spring, and to register the trips for the Get Your Feet Wet online event. Classes can visit a beach, stream, pond, marsh, the tundra, or any wet environment.

Get Your Feet Wet is part of the Alaska Seas and Watersheds K–12 curriculum. Register your class at the Alaska Seas and Watersheds website to receive instructions on how your students can post their photos and reflections and receive a certificate for participation in this statewide event.

Complete a class stewardship project and join the Alaska Seas and Watersheds program Honor Roll.

Every year, thousands of Alaska’s school children take field trips to local beaches, marshes, bogs, ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, streams, tundra, or some other really, really wet area in their watershed. Sixty-two teachers in 29 Alaska communities registered their marine and aquatic field trips engaging more than 1,600 students during the 2016 event. Three classes submitted information about their stewardship projects and are now on the Alaska Sea Grant honor roll.

Alaska Sea Grant 2016 Honor Roll:

     – Teacher: Laura Hansen, 2nd grade class, Mt. Eccles Elementary School, Cordova, Alaska

     – Teacher: Bethany Nichols, Grades 1-6, Ya Ne Dah Ah School, Chickaloon, Alaska

     – Teacher: Susan Smith, Grades 4-6, St. Paul School, St. Paul, Alaska

For more information and resources, visit the Alaska Seas and Watersheds website. This event has ended.