North American Association of Fisheries Economists (NAAFE)
2015 Biennial Forum • Ketchikan, Alaska

Presenter Instructions

Oral presenters selected from abstracts or organized sessions will be asked to prepare their presentation with the following information in mind. Should you have any questions about the following instructions, please contact Keith Criddle.

Speaker Timing

The amount of time dedicated to each presentation will be 15 minutes. The time allotted includes any time for Q&A. Depending on your topic, you may want to build in a few minutes at the end of your presentation for discussion or questions.

Speaker Registration

All presenters must register for the conference and pay the registration fee by Friday, April 3 in order to confirm their participation as a presenter, and to have their abstract published in the conference abstract book. If your talk will be given by a colleague, please inform Karl Wuoti.

Note: It is assumed and advised that each talk have only one presenter. The presenting author is required to register for the conference in order to secure a space in the program. If you plan to have dual presenters (two speakers presenting at the same time), please contact Keith Criddle no later than Friday, April 3, 2015.

Speaker Cancellation

In the event a situation arises that prevents you from presenting, please alert us immediately. If possible, we ask that presenters assist us in identifying a qualified substitute, thereby preventing the program from being compromised.

Presentation, Equipment, Instructions, and Preparation

Knowing the audiovisual set-up will prevent difficulties with your presentation and contribute significantly to the success of the conference. Concurrent session speakers are expected to prepare a PowerPoint (pptx) or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) presentation to accompany their talk, as a visual reference for the audience.

Equipment Available

A student volunteer will be assigned to each room to assist with equipment operation during the session.

PowerPoint or Adobe PDF Presentations

Bring Presentations to the Conference Registration 24-Hours Prior to Your Talk

Session Moderators

Each session will be facilitated by a moderator who is responsible for keeping speakers on time. Plan to arrive at the session 5 minutes prior to the published start time and introduce yourself to the moderator. They will review the speaker timing method with you. Be sure they know how to pronounce your name. It is best to sit in the front row for convenient access to the stage.

Color Shifts

Due to different resolutions of laptops and projectors, color shifting can and will occur. Please be aware when creating the presentation that the colors may change somewhat when projected. Also, please note that this conference will be using the 2010 version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Please review the following information on features that are lost when you open a presentation created in an earlier version of PowerPoint.

Tips for Developing Your PowerPoint Presentation