Marine Habitat Mapping Technology Workshop for Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska, USA
April 2–4, 2007

Mapping flyer Marine Habitat Mapping Technology conference flyer [PDF; 128 KB].

Many marine species depend on the benthic (seafloor) environment. Rather than mapping the distribution of the species themselves, benthic habitat mapping characterizes wide regions of the seafloor and combines this with much smaller visual and sampling surveys that match species with habitat characteristics. Because this approach is much more efficient than traditional methods, it can be applied over large areas relevant to ecosystems or species populations, contributing to rational management of ocean resources.

This workshop will address the topic of marine habitat mapping technologies.  A major challenge lies in reconciling (1) the need to define and characterize marine habitats over areas large enough to be useful for management or predictive modeling purposes with (2) the capabilities and cost of the technologies available to accomplish this at adequate resolution.

The format is intended to serve both the wider community that has a stake in the management of marine resources, and the managers and researchers who need specific technical knowledge about marine habitat mapping.

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