Upcoming Meetings, Workshops, and Classes

Smoked Seafood School 2019

October 10–11, 2019
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Chris Sannito

Alaska Seafood Processing Leadership Institute 2019

A training program for future leaders in the seafood industry
November 11–15, 2019
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Quentin Fong

Recent events

Collaborative Research—Wakefield Symposium

32nd Wakefield Symposium
May 7–10, 2019
Anchorage, Alaska
Contact: Tara Borland

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About our meetings, workshops, and classes

Alaska Sea Grant and the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program support public meetings, conferences, workshops, and classes on marine and coastal topics important to residents of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and the international community.

For more information on our events, contact us at seagrant.meetings@alaska.edu or phone (907) 474-7086.