The Lowdown on Frankenfish

The Lowdown on Frankenfish

A.J. Gharrett and W.W. Smoker

The Lowdown on FrankenfishThis is part of What Does Genetics Have to Do with It? 3rd edn
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One of the most controversial topics in genetics is genetic engineering. Organisms that have been modified genetically by introducing additional genes, often from other species, are referred to as transgenic organisms or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The scientific objective of these gene transfers is to learn more about how genetics is expressed and how the genetic instructions are organized in organisms. The practical reason for producing transgenic organisms is to develop strains that have novel characteristics that often have economic value. Transgenic organisms have been produced in species that span the entire range of living organisms, including fishes. In this installment we will examine genetic engineering and how it can be done, the kinds of characters that can be altered, and some of the implications of developing transgenic organisms.

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