Fish Population du Jour

Fish Population du Jour

A.J. Gharrett

Fish Population du JourThis is part of What Does Genetics Have to Do with It? 3rd edn
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In previous installments we introduced some of the concepts and jargon that are needed to navigate through genetics (Chapters 1. Even Fish Obey Mendel's Laws, and 2. How Genes Vary in Fish Populations), we speculated about the origins of present-day salmon populations in Alaska (3. History of a Salmon Population), and we described some of the molecular and quantitative methods that are used to obtain data for studying the genetics of populations (4. Molecular Tools for Population Genetics). The objective of this chapter is to look more closely at the processes that influence the genetic structure of existing salmon populations, and to examine in detail the genetics of salmon in a small stream that we have studied intensively—pink salmon in Auke Creek near Juneau, Alaska.

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