How Genes Vary in Fish Populations

How Genes Vary in Fish Populations

A.J. Gharrett

How Genes Vary in Fish PopulationsThis is part of What Does Genetics Have to Do with It? 3rd edn
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This is the second in a series of articles that considers the role genetics plays in conservation and management of our fisheries resources. In the first chapter, we examined the basic genetics of inheritance, Mendel's laws. In this chapter we look at the genetics of populations, because most of the genetics applications that pertain to conservation and management of fish populations involve the behavior of genes (alleles) in a population and the genetic differences among populations. Of course, the inheritance of alleles and their individual expression follow Mendel's laws, but now the population is the focus of our interest, rather than progeny from specific crosses. In addition, many of the traits important in survival and adaptation to wild environments, and to improvements in aquacultural applications, result from the combined expression of multiple loci. Traits such as size, fecundity, and thermal tolerance do not result from the expression of single loci, and their study requires some additional approaches.

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