Hydrolysates from Scottish salmon: Look before you leap

Hydrolysates from Scottish salmon: Look before you leap

I.D. Wright

Hydrolysates from Scottish salmon: Look before you leapThis is part of A Sustainable Future: Fish Processing Byproducts
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Rossyew Ltd utilizes Scottish Atlantic salmon processing byproducts and converts them into nutritious omega-3 fatty acid–rich ingredients for the animal feed and pet food industries. A growing awareness of the importance of omega-3s in human nutrition has been mirrored in the poultry, pig, and ruminant sectors. Niche poultry market segments include healthier omega-3 enriched eggs and improved welfare of broiler chickens. Fertility improvements in sows and cows are becoming accepted and the biochemical mechanisms involved are better understood. Opportunities for fish hydrolysates are increasing, primarily in piglet and premium dry pet food diets. In particular, fish hydrolysate is highly palatable and ideal for pets with a sensitive dietary (allergenic) disposition.

Economical manufacturing techniques for a successful entry into these specialist markets are not for the faint hearted, as superb product quality, convincing trial data, and product application knowledge are major barriers to entry. Rossyew has implemented a successful salmon byproduct utilization strategy and is keen to cooperate in new commercial byproduct ventures wherever these may arise.

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