Functional proteins from catfish roe

Functional proteins from catfish roe

S. Sathivel, H. Yin, Y. Wan, J. Pu, P.J. Bechtel, and J.M. King

Functional proteins from catfish roeThis is part of A Sustainable Future: Fish Processing Byproducts
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Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) roe is an abundant and underutilized byproduct that can be used as a unique source of protein. The objectives of this study were to develop a functional protein powder from farmed catfish roe and evaluate the chemical, functional, and nutritional properties of the powder. Spray-dried soluble catfish roe protein powder (SCR) has a high content of essential amino acids and desirable mineral content. Nitrogen solubility, emulsion stability, and fat adsorption values for SCR are 64%, 85.1%, and 5.7 ml per g protein, respectively. Viscosity, flow behavior index (n), and consistency index (K) values of emulsion containing soluble SCR are 1.8 Pa.s, 0.14, and 89.09 (Pa.s)n, respectively and the emulsion shows a pseudoplastic fluid characteristic. The soluble protein powder from catfish roe can be used as an emulsifier in food and feed systems. Developing functional protein from catfish roe may provide new opportunities to the catfish industry.

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