Fishing for Pollock in a Sea of Change

Fishing for Pollock in a Sea of Change

A Historical Analysis of the Bering Sea Pollock Fishery

James Strong and Keith R. Criddle

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In this book, authors Strong and Criddle relate the history of the Bering Sea pollock fishery and its management from World War II to present. Anecdotes from fishermen and fishery managers, and numerous graphs and color photos, help tell the story of why the pollock fishery is a success and how close it came to being an economic disaster.

Alaska pollock support one of the largest fisheries in the world—the biggest fishery where catches are used for human consumption. Because of the American Fisheries Act and other factors, today the pollock fishery is in an unparalleled period of stability, where fishing operations have been given increased flexibility and have responded with increased responsibility.

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“This is the most interesting and informative book I have read for quite some time. … The story of the Alaska pollock fishery is lucidly told. … I know Keith Criddle as an accomplished modeler and economist, but I now realize that he is also an accomplished photographer. The book is nicely illustrated with his photos of Alaskan fishing boats and processing plants.”—Rögnvaldur Hannesson, Norwegian School of Business and Economics, Bergen