Field Guide to Bird Nests and Eggs of Alaska's Coastal Tundra

Field Guide to Bird Nests and Eggs of Alaska's Coastal Tundra

Second Edition

Tim Bowman

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Illustrated with more than 450 photographs of birds, nests and nesting habitat, eggs, feathers, and wings of over 70 species, this easy-to-use book provides an efficient way to identify nests and eggs of birds on Alaska's coastal tundra. Its range includes the Alaska Peninsula, the Bering and Chukchi sea coasts, and east along the Arctic Coastal Plain past the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the Canadian border. The book is constructed with tough, waterproof paper which will hold up under rigorous use in the field. The second edition includes more than 60 upgraded photos. Written by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ornithologist with 20 years of experience in Alaska, this book is a valuable resource for biologists and naturalists, and a unique addition to any birder's personal library.

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"Superbly enhanced with more than 450 full-color wildlife photographs . . . an efficient, effective, fail-safe way to easily and confidently identify nests and eggs. This is a 'must' reference and resource for biologists, ornithologists, naturalists, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in Alaska wildlife."—

"This field guide is a wonderful reference for nests and eggs and as a source of natural history information about these amazing birds."—Susan Sharbaugh, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Alaska Bird Observatory, Fairbanks, Alaska

"This guide has been an invaluable resource in the field since it was first published. Our crews—both novice and experienced birders—have been using it to successfully identify nests on the North Slope. The egg guide and breast feather photos are especially useful. I wouldn't want to be out in the field without it."—Nora Rojek, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, USFWS, Fairbanks, Alaska