Outdoor Survival Training for Alaska's Youth: Student Manual

Outdoor Survival Training for Alaska's Youth: Student Manual

Dolly Garza

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This student manual accompanies the instructor's Outdoor Survival Training manual. It has the same appealing illustrations as the teacher manual and is written at a sixth grade level. Students learn about signals, shelters, fire building, PFDs, food gathering, and positive mental attitude.

The guide is geared to grades 5–7, and can also be used for grades K–12. Kids who take this survival training are taught skills that increase their chances of survival if they find themselves in an emergency situation while boating, hunting, or hiking. The activities were designed for southeastern Alaska but can easily be adapted to other parts of Alaska and the north.

We help Alaska's students meet state content standards! The content standards (in PDF format) addressed by each lesson and activity are clearly identified. When you teach from these curriculum guides, you know right away which standards you are meeting.

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"I used these materials for the first time last summer with at-risk youth, and found them very informative in teaching outdoor survival skills."—S.B.

"I've used your curriculum with students a number of times, and found the students loved the activities and had a terrific time learning important skills. I am again teaching a class on safety and skills in the outdoors with another group of public school students. This class is very popular among the students, with many more choosing this class than there is room for. I guess I'll just have to offer it every year! Thanks for developing such a valuable curriculum."—Becky Germain, 5th and 6th grade classroom teacher, Anchorage