Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner's Handbook

Alaska Emergency and Disaster Homeowner's Handbook

June 2020

Arthur Nash and Davin Holen

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Alaska has a limited road system, few urban centers, and many remote communities. Whether large or small, coastal or inland, connected by roads or accessible only by plane or boat, each community needs to be prepared for a particular set of extreme weather conditions and potential natural disasters, whether it be heavy rains, high winds, freezing temperatures, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, erosion, or flooding from storm surges. Alaskans need to address unique logistical challenges, including transportation and supply chains, when building homes to cope with the conditions and events particular to their region.

This handbook provides an overview of natural hazards in Alaska and the potential impacts to communities and homeowners. This is followed by best practices for preparing your home and surrounding area to mitigate potential impacts, how to prepare your household for an evacuation event, and what to expect when you return to your home.

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