Climate Change and Alaska Fisheries

Climate Change and Alaska Fisheries

Terry Johnson

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This book summarizes knowledge of North Pacific climate change and its anticipated effects on Alaska fisheries through the middle of the 21st century. Based on scientific research and observations by the public and industry, the publication focuses on fisheries effects attributable to long-term warming, looks at effects of climate variability phenomena, and considers ocean acidification. Author Terry Johnson concludes that during the working lifetime of today’s younger fishermen, effects of long-term climate change on fisheries probably will be profound but not cataclysmic. In 30 years most existing fisheries will continue to be productive, with some becoming smaller and others flourishing. To survive and prosper the industry must keep up to date on climate science, environmental changes, and advances in technology, finance, and the politics of resource management. Fishermen and communities will need to develop adaptive strategies.

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