Rat Control for Alaska Waterfront Facilities

Rat Control for Alaska Waterfront Facilities

Terry Johnson

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This manual is for operators of Alaska waterfront facilities who want to control rats where they are a problem, and to keep other locations rat-free. The book addresses methods and strategies for prevention and control in Alaska ports, harbors, seafood processing and other waterfront facilities, and aboard vessels. Learn about inspecting for rat presence, eliminating shelter, sanitation principles, trapping, and poisons. In addition the book has information for managers on planning and operating a rat control program, complying with state law, contracting with a pest control professional, and involving the community in the rat control effort. While the focus is on controlling rats in Alaska ports, this publication can be used worldwide.

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What others say

"This is a fantastic document, and I wish it had been around when I was in Dutch Harbor a couple of years ago. We are trying to provide more updated information on a variety of topics, one of which is the Regulatory Pest Control (Rat Control) program. I wonder if we could use your publication as one of our training tools in this category."—M.E., Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Pesticide Program, Wasilla

"Larry Jones, American Pest Management, pest control contractor for Alaska, praises the book and incorporated it into training for his staff even before it was published. He says the book is understandable by minimally trained personnel who are charged with rat control."—Terry Johnson (author), Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks