Water Wise: Safety for the Recreational Boater

Water Wise: Safety for the Recreational Boater

Jerry Dzugan and Susan Clark Jensen

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The U.S. boating public can improve their safety preparedness and prevention with this new all-in-one boating safety book. The book is geared to operators of large and small recreational boats, in all waterways nationwide. Water Wise presents the information skippers need in a very readable, direct way. Chapters cover safe practices, weather, PFDs and survival rafts, signals, survival, first aid, fire fighting, and more. It is well illustrated with line drawings and photographs. Published by Alaska Sea Grant and U.S. Marine Safety Association.

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What others say

"A great book with the potential of saving lives, one of which could be your own."—John Browning, Southwest by South Sailing News

"Water Wise is clearly written and well organized and researched. Even long-time boaters would do well to keep it around the cabin."—The Boating News, April 1999, Charleston, SC

"This book should be required reading for all people who operate boats. Congratulations on an informative and well designed book!"—Lynn Whitley, Sea Grant Education Coordinator, University of Southern California

"Very fine publication for the safety of recreational boaters."—James Falk, Marine Advisory, University of Delaware

"Everyone who goes more than a few hundred feet from the launch ramp, dock or mooring should read this book."—Charlie Bond, Safety Consultant, Pacific Northwest, Ralston Cunningham Assoc.

"This book does a very comprehensive job of educating the reader about boating safety."—Steve Stewart, Michigan Sea Grant Extension

"Superb effort on overall synopsis!!"—B.L, LRB Capital Group, Binbrook, Ontario

“A+!! One of the best safety books I have read.”—Captain J.L, USCG, Escondida, California

“The language used is easygoing wording. The true stories, the humor, really captivated my attention! Very well done! Thank you!”—F.E.J., Travel Sneakers, Tequesta, Florida