Alaska Native Science: A Curriculum Guide

Alaska Native Science: A Curriculum Guide

Dolly Garza

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This curriculum book, and CD from the Common Knowledge radio series, introduce teachers to the creative potential of using multiple knowledge systems to learn about the world around us. The book is designed for grades 6–9 and addresses cultural and Alaska state science education standards.

The curriculum focuses on Alaska Native science and ecological knowledge, and how Alaska Natives have passed knowledge through generations. Chapters cover marine mammals, herring, and traditional medicines, and give profiles of several Alaska Native scientists. Some guidance is provided on Elders in the classroom and interviewing Elders.

Author Dr. Dolly Garza demonstrates her unique ability to build lessons that guide teachers and students through knowledge they have in common, allowing cultural chasms to be crossed.

About the author

Dolly Garza, of Haida-Tlingit heritage, is professor emerita at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. During her tenure as Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory agent in Kotzebue, Sitka, and Ketchikan, she educated Alaska's marine resource users in subsistence management, marine mammal management, and family marine safety. Prior to that she traveled the Yukon River for the Tanana Chiefs Conference, working with fishermen to improve salmon marketing. A subsistence harvester herself, Garza is familiar with artistic and consuming uses of Alaska resources statewide. Her traditional knowledge, skills, and values, along with her academic knowledge, are critical to her effectiveness in bridging cultures through education.

Garza has her Ph.D. in marine policy from the University of Delaware, M.S. in fisheries from the University of Washington, and B.S. in fisheries science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She has served as chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Alaska Native Science Commission, vice chair of the Alaska Sea Otter and Steller Sea Lion Commission and Southeast Subsistence Advisory Council, and on the boards of the Sitka Marine Mammal Commission and the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association.

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