Seaweed Farming in Alaska

Seaweed Farming in Alaska

Gary Freitag

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This free 8-page publication answers questions about getting into the Alaska seaweed mariculture industry as a farmer or supporting business, describing hurdles that need solving, steps for getting a permit, and how to set up and tend longlines seeded with kelp on the farm.

Global demand for seaweed far outstrips wild supply. With its vast natural marine habitat and pristine water quality, seaweed farming in Alaska has a potential to meet this need. Alaska's seaweed mariculture industry is in the early stage of development, while research continues to address seed sources, transportation, marketing, and other needs.

Demand for seaweed in the food, pharmaceutical, and animal feed industries will likely expand worldwide markets in years to come. Awareness of the medical benefits that seaweed provides is boosting demand for seaweed snacks and other creative food products for human consumption.

For more information about seaweed farming in Alaska see the news release “Federal grant aims to stimulate Alaska seaweed farming” and the blog post “Everything Alaskans want to know about growing seaweed in our state”.

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