Global Progress in Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Global Progress in Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

G.H. Kruse, H.I. Browman, K.L. Cochrane, D. Evans, G.S. Jamieson, P.A. Livingston, D. Woodby, and C.I. Zhang (editors)

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Eighteen peer-reviewed papers and a conference summary make up this proceedings of the 26th Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium, Ecosystems 2010: Global Progress on Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management. The articles evaluate global progress toward EBFM by reviewing regional case studies, new analytical tools, and practical approaches to future progress; and offer advice for implementing EBFM. Symposium attendees agree that we have clearly moved from defining the concept of EBFM to actual implementation. While the cost would be enormous to learn everything about marine ecosystems that we would like to know, we can already implement EBFM even in data-limited situations by adopting a risk-based approach. For EBFM, good outcomes can be achieved by applying a precautionary approach with good governance principles for implementation, under suitable political and institutional commitment.

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