Community Quota Entities: Workshop Proceedings

Community Quota Entities: Workshop Proceedings

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This book describes how Alaska coastal communities can help Community Quota Entities (CQEs) organize and build equity to purchase and lease fishing quota. In years following the 1996 implementation of the halibut and sablefish Individual Fishing Quota program, Alaska communities experienced losses of fishing quota and jobs. While the 2004 CQE program was designed to restore fish allocation to communities, only one CQE has purchased quota by 2010.

To help CQEs become more successful, experts at a 2009 workshop in Anchorage, Alaska, shared information about available resources to form CQEs, purchase and lease fishing quota, and build local economy. Workshop presentations on nonprofit governance, finance, regulatory issues in quota fisheries, lease management, and accounting are summarized in the book.

The workshop was cosponsored by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, North Pacific Fisheries Trust, and Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition.

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