Managing Fisheries—Empowering Communities

Managing Fisheries—Empowering Communities

Conference Proceedings

Paula Cullenberg (editor)

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In order to recognize and strengthen the benefits of commercial fisheries to Alaska coastal economies, organizers of the Managing Fisheries—Empowering Communities conference brought together local residents, fishermen, leaders of fisheries cooperatives, NOAA and state fisheries leaders, and management decision-makers, as well as social scientists and anthropologists. Limited entry and quota share programs have, in some cases, seen fishing access move away from smaller communities. The presentations and work group summaries in this book represent a first step toward recognizing the importance of fisheries to rural economies before new management programs are developed.

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"Your book was a helpful resource for my own learning and also for assessing some of the options that arise, in terms of quotas, and differing community structures that you have done on the other side of this country, and the varied reactions to CBFM. . . .  I was quite pleased with the publication, to say the least."—T.H., Minister to Coastal Communities and Fisheries, Maine Sea Coast Mission