The Journey to PICES: Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific

The Journey to PICES: Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific

Sara Tjossem

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This book is a significant contribution to the history of international marine scientific organizations. It looks in depth at the process of creating the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). It seems obvious enough that such an organization was needed—the best way for the Pacific Rim nations to gain knowledge about the enormous North Pacific Ocean is through cooperative research—yet PICES was two decades in birth.

The reasons for this lengthy incubation become obvious to the reader through the author's masterful tracing and interpretation of events. Fisheries regulation was scrupulously avoided, and governments balked. The process required aggressive promotion, incredible patience, and dogged perseverance; these eventually
led to PICES, a vibrant six-nation international marine organization contributing substantially to marine science.

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What others say

"As a founding father of PICES it is neat to have the history, and particularly nice to have it come from Alaska Sea Grant in view of the strong role played by key members of the staff in the creation of the organization."—B.A., School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle

"The publication is very useful, because it is outstanding that a young international organisation is presenting its founding history!"—W.L., Center for Marine and Climate Research, Hamburg, Germany

"Tjossem’s work presents a solid introduction to anyone interested in PICES, the intersection of international science and society, and the complex and intertwining fields of marine sciences and marine resource management. It is brief, concise, and well organized."—M.M., Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, Massachusetts