Biological Field Techniques for Lithodid Crabs

Biological Field Techniques for Lithodid Crabs

William Donaldson and Susan Byersdorfer

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The harvest of Alaska king crabs in the North Pacific and Bering Sea reaches about 18 million pounds per year, one-tenth of the bonanza 1980s catch. While king crab stocks are recovering from the crash, efforts such as this book on standardizing data collection promise to further improve fishery management. Geared to fishery observers, shoreside samplers, shellfish researchers, and fishermen, the book is illustrated with line drawings, maps, and numerous color photos, and it is printed on waterproof paper. Topics include taxonomy, life history, distribution, anatomy, and diseases. The authors are expert crab biologists at Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the agency responsible for managing the crab fishery.

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Sample pages

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"I highly recommend this book to any serious student of lithodid carcinology, as a basic reference for king crabs, and a must-have complement to the previous book on Chionoecetes. Fishermen and processors will also find it useful, and it deserves a place on the bookshelf of every Alaska fishing boat. Its greatest purpose may be to help fishers and scientists find a common language for understanding these important animals."—B.G.S., National Marine Fisheries Service, Kodiak Fisheries Research Center

"The book gives a clear and informative review on the different king crabs, and has been very useful for us training new personnel for crab cruises, analysis of data, etc. Since there has been a discussion about whether the blue king crab was transplanted to our areas as well as the red one, this book gave us practical, very easy to understand information."—J.H.S., Institute of Marine Research, Norway