Fisheries Assessment and Management in Data-Limited Situations

Fisheries Assessment and Management in Data-Limited Situations

G.H. Kruse, V.F. Gallucci, D.E. Hay, R.I. Perry, R.M. Peterman, T.C. Shirley, P.D. Spencer, B. Wilson, and D. Woodby (editors)

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The symposium "Assessment and Management of New and Developed Fisheries in Data-limited Situations," held in October 2003 in Anchorage, Alaska, brought together scientists, fishery managers, and policy makers to share research findings on the management of newly developing and small-scale fisheries with limited data. Forty-six peer-reviewed research papers provide scientific background for possible new fisheries worldwide. Contributions include new applications of production models, new assessment techniques requiring meager data, and creative fishery management schemes. As most of the world's large marine fisheries are fully exploited or overfished, new fisheries are critical to meet the global demand for seafood products.

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"This book is loaded with information and is certainly a bargain for those interested and involved in fish stock assessment."—Robert R. Stickney, Reviews in Fisheries Science 14:396-397

"The management themes that emerge from this collection are highly relevant to all fisheries managers, policy makers and scientists working with data-imited fisheries."—M.R. Donaldson, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian Field-Naturalist v. 120, 2006

"Anyone looking for a cogent, focussed summary of the state of the art in some of the principal current issues in fisheries management science would be well-advised to acquire this book. It is certainly worth the money and time investment required, and assuming the reader has strong, well-built bookshelves, it should repay the required reading effort many times over. It is an excellent addition to a high-quality series."—Coby L. Needle, FRS Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, Fish and Fisheries v. 8, 2007