The Gulf of Alaska: Biology and Oceanography

The Gulf of Alaska: Biology and Oceanography

Phillip R. Mundy (editor)

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The findings of expert researchers in several disciplines have been successfully brought together in this publication on the science of the Gulf of Alaska, a productive ecosystem hard hit by the 1989 oil spill. The U.S. National Research Council critiqued the core parts of the book and rated them "excellent." The Gulf of Alaska: Biology and Oceanography is an essential resource guide for scientists, students, and managers working in the Gulf of Alaska. Published by Alaska Sea Grant with financial support from the Exxon Valdez Trustee

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"It is with real pleasure that I send this congratulatory letter to you acknowledging the two outstanding documents featured in the May 15, 2007, Library Journal article (p. 56). It is a bit unusual for more than one publication from the same state to be selected so this is a true accomplishment attesting to the importance and quality of your publications. I know that many librarians use the list for selection purposes, thus enriching their collections."—Linda B. Johnson, Chair, GODORT Notable Documents Panel

"The information gathered here in one location is of tremendous value for non-specialist and specialist alike. Springer's summary of bird populations and rookeries is near encyclopedic, and Weingartner's chapter on physical oceanography is outstanding. The authors and editor are to be commended on the quality, value, and significance of this contribution."—Lee W. Cooper, University of Tennessee, Arctic, 2006

"The book Gulf of Alaska, published by Alaska Sea Grant, is one of the best books I have read on the biology and oceanography of the gulf. A lot of this information can be very useful to the visitor industry or recreational industry that use the sound or cross the gulf, like the cruise ships."—S.S., Stan Stephens Cruises, Valdez, Alaska

"We found it useful and informative. We have placed the book in the libraries on all of our ships that visit Alaska."—J.S., Vice President Government and Community Relations, Holland America

"This work is at minimum an excellent primer and reference for anyone working in the GOA, but it may also serve as a senior undergraduate or graduate-level case study for courses examining the complex intersection between natural and anthropogenic mechanisms for marine ecosystem change. Specific chapters could easily be taught as stand-alone readings in a variety of courses."—Leslie A. Cornick, Alaska Pacific University, Aquatic Mammals 32(3):390