Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

A sampling of Alaska Sea Grant activities

Alaska’s coastal communities depend on fish and other marine resources to feed their families and sustain local economies. Commercial fishing and seafood processing are the largest private employers in the state. Subsistence harvest and the culture of sharing resources are found in Alaska Native and non-Native traditions throughout Alaska. Recreation and guided sport fishing activities occur across Alaska’s coasts and waterways.

Seafood quality and safety is an ongoing issue for commercial and personal use food processors. Alaska’s processing industry is remote, seasonal, and diverse with an ever-changing workforce. Small and mid-sized processors face limited training support, limited resources for product analysis, and high energy and production costs.

Alaska's growing aquaculture industry contributes to the state's economic diversity. Shellfish farmers need support for efficient operations and response to potential environmental threats such as disease and increasing ocean acidification.



Meetings and workshops

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