AYFS attendees talking

Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit Unites Early Career Fishermen

In January 2016, the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program will host the sixth Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit. AYFS offers leadership training, networking capacity and opportunities for fishermen under 40 and/or in the business for less than five years.

Chris Sannito preparing rockfish filets

Alaska Seafood Processing Expert Helps Explore Creative Solutions to Industry Challenges

To celebrate National Seafood Month, Alaska Sea Grant seafood technology specialist Chris Sannito talks about challenges in the seafood processing industry and some possible solutions.

humpback diving near hatchery net pens

Fast-food opportunity appeals to humpback whales

University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers are studying why certain whales are choosing to eat juvenile salmon from hatchery release sites.

oiled otter

Encountering Environmental Hazards on Alaska’s Coasts

Have you ever found something weird on the beach in Alaska? Visit our new website to find out what you are seeing and how to report a problem.

Field Guide to Sea Stars of the Aleutian Islands

Field Guide to Sea Stars of the Aleutian Islands

A new field guide features 63 species of sea stars in the nearshore subtidal community of the Aleutian Islands. Biologists, divers, and naturalists will find the guide useful, and will be stunned by the beauty of the sea stars.

Upcoming events
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Fisheries Access for Alaska—Charting the Future

Jan 12–13, 2016
Anchorage, Alaska

2016 Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit

Jan 27–29, 2016
Juneau, Alaska

HACCP – Anchorage

Feb 8–9, 2016
Anchorage, Alaska

Better Process Control School

Feb 10–12, 2016
Anchorage, Alaska

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oil spill cleanupLearn about marine mammal strandings, oiled wildlife, invasive species, and other environmental risks you may come across in coastal regions. Encountering Environmental Hazards on Alaska’s Coasts also tells how to report what you see.

fishing boat, by Deborah MercyLooking for a job in Alaska's fisheries, seafood, or maritime industries? Visit our Alaska Marine Jobs board on the web or follow @AKMarineJobs on Twitter for jobs, fellowships and internships.

changing climateAlaska's changing climate is altering our coastal landscape. With thoughtful planning we can minimize impacts to our communities, businesses and lifestyles, and in some cases we may find ways to benefit from the changes.

community-based monitoringCommunity-based monitoring in Alaska is widespread and growing. Alaska Sea Grant and AOOS have teamed up on an Alaska Community-Based Monitoring website to provide information, guidance and resources to CBM programs.

Alaska Sea Grant and the Alaska Ocean Observing System host a bimonthly one-hour Alaska Marine Policy Forum conference call with Alaska participants interested in marine policy. The next call is January 27 at 1 pm Alaska Time. Join us to hear the latest about marine funding, legislation, and state and federal policy. Visit the AOOS website for contact information and notes from previous calls.

placeholderThe Smoking Alaska Seafood for Fun and Profit workshop in Kodiak is for anyone interested in smoking and processing fish, including home fish-smoking enthusiasts, small smokehouse operators, fishermen interested in direct marketing their fish, and commercial operators. The next workshop is August 25–27.

Alaska Sea Grant Newsletters

AKCRRAB News Flash

student near coastline

June 2015 UAF grad student Courtney Lyons successfully defends PhD thesis on fishing community sustainability and king crab in the Pribilof Islands.


students working in seafood lab

November 2015 Alaska Sea Grant is partnering in a federal manufacturing grant with the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference.

Notes from the Field

humpback tail flukes

October 2015 From Kodiak Marine Mammal Specialist Bree Witteveen: Missing whales in the Shumagin Islands