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Steller sea lions

Marine mammals of Alaska—field guide excerpts

Whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, polar bears! Learn about cetaceans, pinnipeds, and fissipeds, and how to identify Alaska's marine mammals.

See marine mammal skulls in QuickTime 3-D animation.

Arctic Science Journeys Radio stories

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Arctic Science Journeys Radio (ASJ) is an award-winning radio program, producing stories about science, culture, and the environment of the far north. ASJ is a production of the Alaska Sea Grant College Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. Below are links to stories about whales, sea otters, polar bears, walrus, seals, and sea lions.

Whale stories

Sea otter stories

Polar bear stories

Walrus stories

Seal stories

Sea lion stories

Other marine mammal stories


Marine mammal field guide

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