Alaska Seas and Rivers Curriculum
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Refer to the diagram below for help finding your way through Alaska Seas and Rivers Curriculum. If you are having difficulty finding a particular page, please use the search field in left-hand column.


How to use this site

Curriculum Menu

All lesson plans and materials are available in the left-hand curriculum menu. Click on each grade to expand the menu. Within each grade unit are investigations, teacher background informtation, a master materials list and a listing of Alaska's Grade Level Expectations.

Common Items Menu

At the top of each page is a menu of links that are common to each unit and grade level. General information, teaching strategies, resource links, the forum and the glossary are available in this menu. 

Investigation Links

After clicking on a grade unit in the left-hand curriculum menu, scroll down the page to find a summary of each investigation in that unit and associated links (in blue).

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